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Why China Prefers Europe to the United States

Not too long ago, members of the Chinese policy elite were still debating whether China’s ties with the United States would constitute their most important bilateral relationship.

Women Will Lead, If We Elect Them

18 April 2014

When travelling on the Marshall Memorial Fellowship program, my cohort of American fellows encountered world leaders throughout Europe and observed their various leadership styles. These leaders embodied a sense of pride and dedication to the work they do every day. Of particular interest to me was the rise of women leaders in these countries and what […]

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Who is Washington’s Candidate for the Next Christian President of Lebanon?

18 April 2014

The arcane political system of Lebanon stands as an oddity in a Middle East dominated by identity politics, both in its formal allocation of first and second tier political and administrative positions to members of the country’s 19 religious communities, and in reserving the lead executive position, that of the president of the Republic, to a Christian Maronite.

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20 Years on from Rwanda, Can We Resuscitate R2P?

17 April 2014

Taking stock of what enabled Hutu extremists to slaughter as many as 1 million Tutsis and moderate Hutus, advocates, and pundits alike called for “never again.”

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The Ukraine Crisis and Eastern Mediterranean Gas

17 April 2014

Given the parlous state of relations with Russia, the EU needs to look to other sources of energy that are available at affordable prices.

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Erdoğan’s Secret to Success

02 April 2014

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan won yet another election victory in Monday’s municipal elections.

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Russia’s Crimea Annexation Widens Syria Options

31 March 2014

For more than five years, the Obama administration has endeavored to confirm international legitimacy―governed by decisions made at the UN Security Council―as the framework directing any global military engagement.

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Will New Zealand’s Boom Be Affected by TTIP?

26 March 2014

New Zealand is enjoying an export-led boom.

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A Tasteless Joke Aside, Belgians Enthusiastically Welcome Obama

25 March 2014

While international outrage about the picture has helped to sensitize Belgian public opinion, and has rightfully denounced the images as a dangerous trivialization of racism, the editorial misjudgement of one newspaper can by no means serve to judge an entire society. C

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Transatlantic Twilight or a Revitalized Relationship?

23 March 2014

How did we get to this point? There are at least five reasons.

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Obama’s Brussels Agenda: Verify but Trust

19 March 2014

On March 26, U.S. President Barack Obama will visit Brussels for the first time since taking office.

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