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Brazil’s Atlantic Trade Agenda

Fresh off a narrow victory in a contentious election, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has signaled an interest in restoring momentum in Brazil’s ties with the United States.

The Intersection of Leadership and Culture

18 February 2015

Tom Habitz, a Fall 2014 American Marshall Memorial Fellow, observes variations in leadership styles between Europe and America and discusses the role of culture in shaping leaders.

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Leveraging Belgium’s Diversity for an Inclusion Strategy in Europe

18 February 2015

Jacqueline Nwando Olayiwola, a Fall 2014 American Marshall Memorial Fellow, reflects Belgium's rich tradition of multiculturalism and ongoing challenges with diversity and inclusion.

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Memo: A Washington View on Europe’s Energy Union

11 February 2015

The United States has long had a strong interest in Europe’s energy security as an essential component of our security alliance.

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At Munich, a Renewed Cold War Atmosphere

11 February 2015

The 51st Munich Security Conference began amidst the backdrop of crisis in Ukraine and concluded with little room for optimism.

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Germany’s Divided Right-Wing Nationalists

10 February 2015

Right-wing nationalism is rising in Germany. Recent polls suggest that the new Alternative for Germany (AfD) party can tap a potential voting block as large as 30 percent of the German electorate.

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Germany and the United States Are Missing the Bus on Infrastructure Investment

04 February 2015

“Germany is collapsing.” This was the headline of a recent provocative article in German news magazine Der Spiegel that criticized the sorry state of Germany’s infrastructure.

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Europe at the Center of the Terrorist Vortex, Again

03 February 2015

The dramatic terrorist attacks in France, and counter-terrorism operations in Belgium and elsewhere, have cast a spotlight on Europe as a focal point of terrorism.

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Expand the Negotiations Format and Provide Military Aid to Ukraine

28 January 2015

The latest escalation of fighting in Eastern Ukraine clearly shows that current Western policy toward Russia is not working.

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A Predictable Outcome – and High Stakes – in Greece

27 January 2015

The landslide victory of SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left) in Greece’s national elections was predictable, and is likely to have important consequences at the national, European, and potentially transatlantic levels.

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The EU and the Western Balkans Need to Commit to Dialogue

26 January 2015

It is safe to say that the Western Balkans have an interest in joining and should do so. The EU also has an interest in providing incentives for the Balkan countries to join.

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