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Expand the Negotiations Format and Provide Military Aid to Ukraine

The latest escalation of fighting in Eastern Ukraine clearly shows that current Western policy toward Russia is not working.

A Predictable Outcome – and High Stakes – in Greece

27 January 2015

The landslide victory of SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left) in Greece’s national elections was predictable, and is likely to have important consequences at the national, European, and potentially transatlantic levels.

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The EU and the Western Balkans Need to Commit to Dialogue

26 January 2015

It is safe to say that the Western Balkans have an interest in joining and should do so. The EU also has an interest in providing incentives for the Balkan countries to join.

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On the Paris Attacks

24 January 2015

We are all still under the shock of the murderous attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the Hyper Cacher (kosher) supermarket in Paris in which 17 French citizens died. Other attacks had been planned in Belgium but were prevented by police action, with the loss of two lives.

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Torture Report’s Impact on U.S. Image in Europe May Be Muted

22 January 2015

With Europe reeling from the recent killings in France by Islamic extremists, it remains to be seen whether European objections to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s recently disclosed harsh interrogation practices will impede closer U.S.-European intelligence collaboration.

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The Importance of Japanese, European, and United States Trilateral Engagement

22 January 2015

U.S. primacy in the post-war international order benefited from the strong support of allies in Asia and Europe.

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Why Another “Reset” With Russia Won’t Change Reality

21 January 2015

Last September, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called for a “Reset 2.0” between Russia and the United States.

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Response to Sony Hack Could Set a Dangerous Precedent

15 January 2015

The chain of events since the hack on Sony Pictures on November 24 reveals a pressing need for clearer definitions and doctrines in managing cyber conflict.

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France’s March to Unity — or Further Fragmentation?

13 January 2015

On Sunday, around 4 million people marched in France to show national unity against the terrorist attacks that killed 17 in Paris last week.

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Religion and the Revolutions of 1989

21 December 2014

On October 9, 1989, a small crowd gathered to hold prayers for peace at the St. Nicholas Church in the East German city of Leipzig.

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The Opening to Cuba: New Atlantic Partnerships?

19 December 2014

As Cuban President Raul Castro and U.S. President Barack Obama announced moves to normalize relations between the two countries, the last — and the United States’ closest — Cold War standoff finally came to an end.

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