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Cities Are Taking the Lead on Inequality

This month, two women on the frontlines of global economic policy made powerful statements on the importance of confronting opportunity inequality.

Bleakness and Thin Blankets: Bavaria’s Struggle with Welcoming Asylum Seekers

22 October 2014


There is a lack of coordination and preparedness for the rising refugee crisis across Germany.

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Tackling Ebola: An Imperative for Atlantic Partners

21 October 2014

On the playgrounds of Abidjan, the capital of Côte d’Ivoire, children now “quarantine” one another as part of a game they call “Ebola.”

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Leading Growth and Innovation through Demographic Change

16 October 2014

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More and more leaders from Denmark to Chicago, Barcelona to Berlin are emphasizing diversity as central to their growth and innovation objectives.

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Why Is Turkey Increasing Tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean?

10 October 2014

Why has Turkey escalated tensions at this moment, when the two Cypriot leaders have begun renewed, albeit wearisome, efforts to find a solution to the division of the island?

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Political Islam and the post-Cold War international order

30 September 2014

Religion in general and political Islam in particular is widely seen as responsible, at least in part, for a breakdown in the post-Cold War international political order.

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Leadership Changes at the European Union

05 September 2014

The European Union came to closure on the top remaining posts in the EU senior leadership last week.

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Poland’s Tusk as European Council President: A View from Warsaw

03 September 2014

WARSAW—For Poland, the choice of Prime Minister Donald Tusk to be the next President of the European Council is undoubtedly good news. The symbolism of Tusk’s appointment cannot be overlooked. Twenty-five years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, it is recognition of the successful transformation of Poland and much of Central Europe over the […]

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Despite Concerns, France Can Play an Important Role in NATO’s Future

03 September 2014

Paris is not holding its breath for the upcoming NATO Summit in Newport, Wales.

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U.S. and European Publics Support a More Traditional Role for NATO

01 September 2014

The crises in Syria and Ukraine have exposed troubling shortfalls in NATO’s capabilities. Even as conflict moves closer to the borders of the European Union, the alliance has few options as to how to respond.

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Time to Erase the Line between Old and New NATO Members

29 August 2014

It is time to call a spade a spade. By annexing Crimea, supplying separatists with weapons and personnel, and now directly intervening in Ukraine, Russia has broken the rules-based system in Eastern Europe and has undermined international laws and norms.

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